Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Black Bear Blog

Unknown,ME> I had an invitation by email to guest host at The Black Bear Blog. I agreed and it wasn't too long till I received a black envelope in the mail with no return address. Inside was a business card labeled Skinny Moose Media and the address, 653 Buzzard Lane. Sunday I drove over and found myself in the old warehouse district. Abandoned buildings, old warehouses and crumbling storefronts. A heavy smell of fish was in the air. I found the address at the very end of a small lane in the middle of this area. I pulled up in front of a ramshackle looking warehouse, parked and walked to the door. No name, nothing except BBB on the door.
I knocked and a few minutes later the door swung open. no one was there. I stepped in and found myself in a long dimly lit hall. The door swung shut behind me.
The hall was filled on each side with hundreds of dusty glass cabinets filled with fantastic objects. Poison darts and shrunken heads, strange ritual figures, unbelievable skeletons, a giants' tooth in fromaldahyde, odd extinct creatures, amazing Mohawk scalps and African headdresses and spears. My level of fear rose as I wandered down through the amazing collection. It was scarier than Cliffs new MySpace site.
A heavy wooden door with frosted glass was at the end, I turned the knob and went in. A 1930's style wooden desk and a leather chair were in the center of the room. A rusting file cabinet was in one corner. A computer terminal was on the desk. I went around and pulled out the chair. There was hog hair on it, and someone had put their dirty boots on the desk. Scattered on the floor were about a million peanut hulls.
I knew the Hog Guy had been there.
I glanced out the dirty window and noticed old script on it that said "T. Remington, Private Eye, Safaris and Adventures, Weblogs To Go!"
I thought what I should post. I sat down, wiped the deer hair off me, put my muddy feet on the desk, opened a bag of pistachios and thought. Should I post about my evil lawyer brothers or write another Chapter of the Treasure Hunt Tale of the Rock Carvings, adding Cookie as the Cryptologist.
Tell about the split horn buck I took a few years ago or write another story about The Pond Stand Ghost. I figured I ought to do something different. Then I remembered that everyone should read more about the biggest and most gigantic antlered whitetail buck in the world Thunderhoof, Legend of the Delta. I guess the gig went OK, leave a comment after you read it.
Me and Thunderhoof appreciate your feedback.


Cookie..... said...

Thanks fer the link matey...much appreciated....and, I sure would love to get down there and see yur neck of the woods...especially the Indian Mounds...and even the bogus glyphs....

...not t'mention lookin around fer the good General's abandoned cannon.... ;-)

Editor said...

all you have to do is call and we will figure out a great weekend.
I found another clue this weekend.
Amazing isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I know your evil brothers will shoot ol' Thunderhoof down like the Rangers fired-up Bonnie & Clyde...BUT!...a bottle of Sammy Hagar's quila says you can't do it Rex! You got a soft place in your heart for T-Hoof??? What gives?
By the way, if Toxey Hass is reading this, please send Rex's evil brother, Paul, some new hunt'n breeches and a new shirt or two. I know the poor boy has lost all his money on the golf course, but damn...a fella just can't hang out like that with briers, ticks and poison ivy all over the place.

Editor said...

as stated we are best friends during the summer and blood enemies during deer season. Thunderhoof thinks that is quite humorous.

Cliff said...

I doubted anything could be scarier than a MySpace site, but you just proved me wrong.

The more I read, the more events make me think this is the X-Files of the hunting world. I have to say that those boys at Skinny Moose make The Cigarette Smoking Man pale in comparison.

Thanks for the double links and the fun read.

Editor said...

thanks Cliff, liked your new site and am enjoying your blog. Those skinny moose guys are very mysterious charactrers

Marian said...

Very nice article on Thunderhoof made him proud! :)