Saturday, April 28, 2007

We Don't See Panthers

Wildcat, MS> In the south, we don't see panthers. People who admit they have seen one are looked at like they are crazy. I have hunted in Mississippi all of my life and have seen plenty of bobcats, but have only seen one panther.
The only panther was not seen off a deerstand as you would expect. I believe that they are very nocturnal animals and seeing one in daylight would be almost a miracle.
I had left the camp going home, Burney was in the truck behind me and we moved north up the gravel road and crested the hill past The Hanging Tree. I started down and about 100 yards in front of me, a large cat sprang onto the edge of the road. It was light brown with a long tail. I swerved so that Burney could see also. The panther took a leap, hit the center of the road, jumped again and was gone. I stopped the truck. Burney pulled up beside me.
We rolled down the windows. Burney said "What'd you see?" I looked a sec at him and said "Nothing, how 'bout you?" Burney said "Me Neither" We headed home.

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