Thursday, April 05, 2007


Now that turkey season is in full swing, I wanted to post this pic of the tremendous gobbler that my Dad took a few years ago. Mounted proudly on the wall of my office, it has 4 beards. Dad is a tremendous hunter and still loves turkey hunting with a passion. He has to wear the Gamewalker hearing aids now, but seems to get a turkey every year.

This is the huge split tine buck that I took at Abbeville. One of the last deer I took there. It has a very unusual rack and of course there is a pretty good little story to go with it.

Denise and Burney, just hanging out. Last weekend was one of the quietest, most relaxing weekends we have shared at the camp in a long time.


Doug said...

gosh...I need a deer camp. I don't drink much more than black, heavy coffee...but camp. It's more than just a place its a way of life. enjoy...I would if I could.

Editor said...

you have an invite to come visit.