Monday, April 02, 2007

An Empire in Decline?

Gobbler Track, MS> Everyone knows that there are two kinds of hunting camps. The first one is all about getting deer, turkeys or other game and enjoying the thrill of hunting. The second kind is a drinking camp. I am quite worried that we are in a rapid tailspin of decline at the famous Christmas Place Watering Hole.
Once again a weekend with no turkeys taken. This is absurd. I guess I will have to do it myself.

David Hyde came over this weekend and let us know on the front end that he was not mad at the turkeys and wanted to relax and drink around the fire. When he arrived Saturday afternoon, our glorious turkey hunters joined him and weren't worth killing the rest of the weekend. In the interest of fairness, it was raining like hell all afternoon, but what the hey! David is an accidental philosopher and gun fanatic.
He is quick with a very wry wit and we had a great time with him. Everyone enjoyed his company and wants him to come back and visit on a golf trip.

Saturday morning we got started working around the camp and whipping it into shape. I want everything perfect before GuyK shows up for his fishing trip at the lake.

I put Spencer on the tractor using the finishing mower. His first time to use the tractor on his own and he did a good job. We finished right in front of the rain.
All the grass is cut and in good shape.

We had a lot of young men there this weekend and of course they all wanted to go mud-riding after the rain. No!, Hell No! Get your own 4wheeler! They did go fishing and riding Here is a pic of these reprobates. (left to right) Josh Brodey, Enrique the crippled Mexican, Catfish, Tyler and Bryan. They are all at the age where they are smarter than we are. They had a good time riding and fishing. They did make sure to accidently all get covered in mud on their little ride after the rain.

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