Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hunting with the Right Truth

I'm not a hunter, but I am a gun enthusiast and never leave home without one.
I was born in Mississippi, but never lived there. I'm a Tennessee gal living on the Tennessee River. At my parents house near Pickwick Dam, when I was a kid, we had deer (and turkey) that would walk through the woods right through our yard.
One day my dad saw several deer walking through the yard, grabbed his rifle, ran outside, and was chasing the deer round and round the house. It was funny. He never even aimed the rifle at them.
He would feed them apples, corn, which he grew. But he also allowed neighbors and friends to hunt on our land and we always had deer in the freezer.
I'll look forward to your future escapades.
Debbie Hamilton runs Right Truth, the counterterrorism blog. She is an A list blogger and if you read her blog you will know why. Very intelligent and on top of the political scene. Plus she has kept her southern wit and charm. She seems to enjoy the sharp repartee and fun we have here. Go read her stuff, you will learn the Right Truth.


Debbie said...

Well, I'm blushing! What nice things you have said about me and the blog. I'll have to keep on my toes to live up to such high praise.

I was outside this morning, before the storms rolled through. I could hear the ducks, and geese I think, flying over and stopping to get a drink in the river. I didn't see my family of raccoons who regularly come to drink out of my bird bath and eat bird seed.

I did see about 10 different varieties of birds, several butterflies. I was blowing the leaves and had a frog who kept jumping along with me, keeping me company.

I also have squirrels who drink out of the humming bird feeder and come to the front door when they want more bird seed.

No deer or snakes today!

Thanks again for the kind words.

Editor said...

sounds like you have a great life going on. Keep the faith with your blog.