Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hershel and Fred

In 1970, a special bow hunt was conducted by the state of Mississippi. All the great bowhunters throughout the United States were invited. Yes, my Dad was there, along with the most famous archers at that time. He spent a lot of the trip hunting with Fred Bear and enjoyed himself immensely. The main thing I remember is him talking about picking Mr. Bear up after hunting one morning and how they walked around picking up arrows. Fred Bear spent a lot of time shooting at spots on the ground for practice. My Dad was the only one to get a deer. Fred Bear sent him several photos and a nice letter. Here is Dads' favorite.


Jon Bryan said...

I was talking with a friend today who has hunted Africa 8 times. He said the only really close call he has had was with a Lion that charged him and his PH. He dropped it with one shot at 20 paces!

Editor said...

that is too close, I will leave the lions alone, thank you very much

Debbie said...

What a great picture! I used to dream about going to Africa, armed with gun and camera. But not so much these days with all the terrorism and human danger, the animals seem tame, heh.

Right Truth

KeesKennis said...

Hunting in Africa is as safe as a kndergarden party. The only thing that suffers is your wallet.
That is as far as the "terrorism and human danger" goes, off course the wild animals don't know that you are supposed to be safe.

deerslayer said...

does Fred Bear still hunt with that old 90 lb recurve bow of his or has he finally give it up and modernized to a compoundor crossbow?Just wandering it's been a long time since I've talked with ol Fred. By the way great story too.

Editor said...

Fred has gone to the happy hunting ground, but Bear Archery is still going strong.

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