Sunday, April 29, 2007

The OthHat

MegaBillions Farms, BC, CN> Do you want to travel the world hunting with beautiful women hunting guides? Do you want to spend your winters hunting the high country for Dall Shepp or Elk and spend the off-season lounging on the beach in Monaco or the Caribbean?
Do you want all the great hunters in the world to be in awe of your hunting skills, be in demand night and day for talk shows, interviews and public appearances? Do you want to be Number #1 in every hunting category, chased by beautiful hunting groupies and, be the most sought after hunter for every television show? If you do, you can start right here with the official Othmar Vohringer Hunting Cap. Buy one and he will personally autograph the bill. Everyone wants to be like the ultimately cool and famous Othmar! Hurry! Supplies are limited and if you want to be the coolest guy in your camp, buy one today! Hey! Buy 2 and send me one!


Othmar Vohringer said...

Wow, what a live that Othmar has. Living in a big mansion, go hunting whenever he wants and on the best places on earth surrounded by beautiful babes. He must be one awesome guy. I envy him

Click. Dream over and back to reality. As usual you wrote a very amusing post advertising my new hunting hat. Thanks a million and I do hope it sends folks in droves to buy a hat. If they buy two and send one to you then keep them, as they may become collector items once I am famous. Lol.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Editor said...

I hope you sell a million of them.