Monday, April 23, 2007

Finally, A Relaxing Weekend

Lazy river, MS> Finally a fun and relaxing weekend. Camo, Denise and I headed to camp Saturday morning and arrived just in time to see a sight you will not believe. Paul was cutting grass. I rushed and got a picture. Everyone please save a copy for posterity. This Amazing Fact may never be witnessed again!

No turkeys that morning, but the day was beautiful. Trent, Paul and I decided to play golf in Benton. We have swings just like the pros in the picture underneath us.
We all played like dogs and to top it off, Paul won the money! I'm humiliated.
The three of us headed back to camp and arrived just as dinner was getting ready.

First was the hors devours. Oysters served on ice!

Then came the real treat. Fresh Crawfish! We ate like Kings!

It was getting dark and we all retired to the fire for a drink and storytelling time.
I wish you all could of been there. It was a great weekend.


Cliff said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend, Rex. Mmmm, crawfish. I'm jealous.

Editor said...

when you come down, we will have it again.

Marian said...

Nothing like spending quality time with family and building memories.

AB5SY said...

As I read Rex's offering about the ife styles of the rich and famous...opssss, I'll be right back, need some water to wash down my lunch of Spam and crackers.

Debbie said...

Nothing better than nice weather, family and friends, and good food.

Editor said...

Debbie, thank you for the link.
will return the favor.

Phillip said...

Dang, wish I could've been there too! Crawfish, drinks, and a roaring fire... and Thunderhoof probably dropped in for a round or two as well.

But ya'll can keep those golfs. I've eaten their eggs, and if the adults taste anything like that I don't want anything to do with them!