Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thunderhoof Appreciation Day

Reprinted from Black Bear Blog

Bambi, MS> This weekend Denise and I, plus the kids, are riding over to Tchula for Thunderhoof Appreciation Day. This is an annual event celebrating the Deer King of the Delta. Thousands of tourists will be there along with newspaper reporters from all over the world. It should be a great time.
This year they are dedicating a LIFESIZE statue of Thunderhoof to guard the entrance to Hillside National Wildlife Refuge. This will be a great event followed by Thunderhoof riding the kids (20 at a time) around the main square.
Later they will hold the National Buck Grunting Contest. This is where Tom Remington really is. He does not want to be embarrassed if he loses.
There will be buck races, and antler wrestling, followed by everyone’s favorite game, Fool the Hunter.
Thunderhoof will sign autographs and pose for pictures.
There will be deer bumper cars, a ferris wheel, and lots of vendors selling hunter camo, deer stands, lure and lots of wooden Thunderhoof toys. The food vendors sell a great antler shaped funnel cake!

Then as the evening falls and night settles in you get ready for the Grand Finale.
The highlight of the event is that night all the kids gather around campfires while Thunderhoof tells great stories of the Delta before Man came. He also tells his favorite funny stories about the hunters that he has tricked and scared.
He always tells his wild tale of his encounter with Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox.
How he whipped the Blue Ox and sent them both packing to Minnesota.
The kids all cheer at the end as Thunderhoof bows, and then quickly rears up as thousands of flashbulbs explode and people get the picture of the evening. He exits at a run leaving lightning flashing and the roll of thunder as he disappears back to the bluffs of the famous Christmas Place.
It is something that you should not miss!

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