Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where's My Pith Helmet?

Cheetah, Africa> You know, I go over and visit KeesKennis all the time. I leave comments and send him cute stuff to post too. I don't get half of his jokes but God knows I'm trying. Why won't he send me one of those snazzy pith helmets they wear over there? He even has them with his name on them. Jones gave me a hat, so did Matt and Jim, but NOooo! He is keeping them to himself.

I watch all his old TV shows about KeesKennis and the Cats' Mother when they first came to Africa. Those serials sure were fun when I was a kid! Of course, he called himself Jungle Jim then.
All those guys walking around in safari clothes, wearing big pith hats. Those things are handy too! If someone is throwing rocks at you, the top of your head is safe, no snakes can bite you on the head and they give shade to your eyes. They also were handy for deflecting spears.
On top of that, there is no telling how many terrible natives he has killed with his pith hat. Kind of like Oddjob in 007. I just like the name pith. Pith, Pith, Pith. I pithy the fool... I'm digressing
I even read the book he wrote with a little help from some guy named Stanley. It's all about his early explorations of the dark continent.
Maybe if I make more cool comments on his site, eventually he will send me one.

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