Friday, April 13, 2007

Turkey Hunting the Hard Way

Oldstory, MS> A couple of years ago I took my gigantic friend Chris Ostrander down to hunt turkeys at the famous Christmas Place. He had no luck, but of course, Dad got his turkey.
Dad was hunting at the Double White Oak field and had built a blind with his back against a big log. Calling that morning had produced no results, when suddenly a gigantic gobbler cut loose directly behind him! He eased around and peeped under the log and watched it approach. It strutted and gobbled up to him, but was just on the other side of the log. He knew if he moved the turkey would get away. Thinking quickly, he reached under the log and grabbed the turkey by his feet. This proved more trouble than it was worth, with the turkey beating the hell out of his arms, and squawking wildly. He couldn't let go, and could not grab his gun either. He had to think fast. He quickly let go of the turkey, snatched up his box call, called the turkey around the end of the log and shot it!


Moose said...

I believe your Dad is part fisherman :D

Editor said...

it's an old joke, but he is really amazing and probably the best hunter and outdoorsman I have ever met. He can tell a story, wait till you read about Fleming and the Deer Balls!

Phillip said...

He had to use a box call?

I'm shocked. I figured for sure he'd mouth call that thing around the log, then while it wavered in a lovesick swoon he'd whack it with the butt of his gun and save the shell for next year.