Saturday, April 14, 2007

Turkey Season Updates

We will be posting our friends pics that get turkeys or want to share a turkey pic from years past. I have mentioned that Hershel Howell once again got his turkey.
Phillip over at the Hog Blog got his too. A little strange though. There is a lot of pale white coloration in the picture. There is a bunch on the turkey too. Down here we call those DOMESTICATED turkeys.
I wonder if Matt and the Captain have figured out how to hook a turkey with that famous, but unseen BIO-rod over at Bright Ideas Outdoors.
I need to contact Bills' dad over at Muskoka Outdoors and see if he has taken a turkey for his son yet. Don't forget to send those pics!


Phillip said...

Hey, it was tough as heck to get that shot through the fence wire without tearing up the turkey pen.

Really gave my new hunting buggy a run for her money getting away from that angry farmer, though! It's not hunting unless it's an adventure.

So, Rex...where's your turkey?

Editor said...

ah-uh,uh,uh, I've been sick, ah, oh yeah, I was moving, everyones moving this turkey season, let's stick with that one.

txdave said...

Blog looks good, sort of a specialized topic, but looks like you're attracting some readers.

Photos might be larger, but they're pretty good.

Interesting comments, but prose too gray--maybe some variety in font/format, some pics, see wht I mean:

good luck