Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Crazy Mexican Cruise

Mobile, AL> We arrived Thursday afternoon in Mobile and went aboard the Holiday cruise ship. After finding our cabins and storing our bags we went through life boat drills and then headed up to explore the ship. There were Pools everywhere, lots of bars, a casino, more bars, and food for everyone. The ship headed out to sea, we drank a toast, and headed for dinner. After a great meal, we went to the Lido deck and enjoyed more drinks. It was exciting and relaxing to see the ship making headway south through the calm sea. Later that night, Mr.Jones got the idea to invade Cuba. He figured we could sail under their wall defenses and give them a broadside, and he tried to get them to turn the boat but the idea fizzled when he learned there were no cannons aboard.
Up and at ‘em the next day, coffee, a big breakfast with pancakes (I knew it!), more exploring the ship and checking schedules and bikinis, a margarita, then lunch, and lying by the pool wearing dark sunglasses and drinking Pina Coladas. We started to meet some nice people, who called me Mississippi because of my Ole Miss hat. Kim and Denise had come ready to lay out and enjoy the day. They had books and oil and revealing swimsuits. We had great fun discussing the legend of Thunderhoof, if these were good whaling waters and if the ocean bottom was really big enough to hold all the damn lawyers. Lots of fun as we started to meet everyone. Mr. Jones discovered that beer came in buckets! We all got sunburned, too. I handed out my cards and of course the women swooned over me when they found out I was a famous blogger. Suntan oil, cold beer, beautiful ocean, new friends. We drank beer until Kim and Denise started pretending that they did not know us.The reality of living in Water Valley, MS started to fade away. Oh, the seafaring life for me! We met Joe and T, Arksansas and a few others that we enjoyed hanging out with. Pizza 24 hours a day as we ate and drank on the stern in the tropical sun. More buckets of beer! Late that afternoon we dragged our sunburned bodies off to get a shower, sober up and head off to a formal dinner at the Seven Seas Restaurant, followed by a show at the Americana Theatre. You learn to never stop while on a ship and unfortunately Denise found the casino! Mr. Jones and I drank some more! Pictures were taken, we ate pizza, we drank enough beer to float the ship. More exploring until Denise ran out of luck and the ladies disappeared into the karaoke bar.Mr. Jones and I grabbed a couple more buckets of beer, then he convinced me to stagger out to the deck, find some good chairs, have a smoke and look for enemy submarines. I can't remember anything else of that or how I got to bed.
The next morning we hit Cozumel, and amazingly we were all up at the crack of dawn. I guess because they assured us that they would leave us if we didn't.Denise and I went to a beach called Playa Mia and laid out, frolicked in the ocean, met some fun people, swam and enjoyed fun rock climbing, had a great lunch with our new friends, bought souvenirs, used the open bar and finally headed to a rocking little Mexican bar to wait to get on the ship. (all Mexican beer needs lime in it)Kim and Greg went horseback riding and were basically assaulted by giant iguanas, wild dogs and mean horses. Mr. Jones hurt his hand
getting the attention of his horse. They visited Mayan ruins, and toured the countryside one step ahead of the wild dogs. They missed us at the beach later, so Kim did some serious souvenir shopping and then we all met at the little Mexican bar. Some of the passengers were very drunk and were polite enough to pole dance for us. Denise and Kim refused to join in. A fun girl from Arkansas managed to drink us under the table and we weaved our way back toward the ferry and the ship. We managed to stop at Consuelas' Tequila, Tacos and Tattoo Parlor, then took our loot back to our cabins that afternoon and made ready to party again. We had another great dinner, then drinks, and later, a wild, wild party that night till 2 in the morning on the Lido deck. We got to show all our shipmates our new tattoos! There was good food, fun dancing music along with a full Mexican feast for the passengers. It was the most fun night we had on the trip! Miss Denise was hot as a firecracker! We all danced and Kim and Denise got to do some line dancing.
Mr. Jones, as everyone knows, has been banned from doing the Electric Slide and we had to sit those out. Everyone crowded the Lido deck, some even wore Halloween costumes. The music blared and we kept rockin'. The girls finally drifted off to bed but, Before we could head down to our bunks, Mr. Jones was sure that we needed to repel boarders and we went to check for pirates.Yo-Ho, Ya scurvy Dogs! The next day we staggered from bed, had our morning margaritas for breakfast(we were getting the hang of this cruise stuff)and headed for the Lido Deck and the pool. All the new people we had met were there and it was another really fun day. We finally went down the
giant slide, and drank lots of Pina Colodas and buckets of beer. We also had a rough golf match that Mr. Jones barely won with wild shots through the clowns’ mouth. Greg bought Kim a diamond watch for her birthday! Another great meal, then Denise tried her luck at the casino again and managed a big winning night while Kim checked the stores on board and caught a show. That night was quiet as we headed to port, then the wind picked up until the whole ship had a slight lean to it and Jones was the only one who could walk the deck. (I wonder why) The wind howled and everyone sat around in jackets as the weather had turned noticeably cooler and we waited for a storm that never appeared. The wind held steady, the ship stayed leaned over, and everyone adjusted and went back to eating and drinking. No one even got sea sick. Denise visited her favorite spot (the casino)but, Kim was worried about rogue waves and spent her time packing. The men had a quiet night at the stern bar drinking Gin and Seven-Up with low talk and the enjoyment of watching the sea roll by. We talked about how much fun we had and about going on a cruise again. Finally we staggered out to look for sea serpents. No Luck. The next morning we arrived back in the real world. We were packed and off the ship by 10:30 AM. for the long drive home. Thank goodness the Mexicali police or the customs agents didn’t get Greg.

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