Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Editor's Sanity Questioned

Whitfield MS: It has been mentioned recently that the current editer Rex (Ghost and the Darkness) Howell may be suffering from a newly named disorder called Buckus Maximus Feverosus Dementia. State officials say that symptoms include but are not limited to
A. Delusions of Grandeur
B. Shaking and quivering when discussing bucks
C. Lack of trust among usual friends and aquaintances
D. Complete distrust of all immediate family members [including children]
E. Spending hours in a fetal position mumbling about Thunderhoof
F. Walking around camp in high heels with his underwear on his head
E. Accusing Old Scratch of posting annonymous comments detrimental to his perceived deer hunting prowess
F. Scoring a 0 on the buckameter
G. Hanging pole envy

Discussions have begun as to what the cure may be. One thing however is certain Mrs. Scratch is very protective of Old scratch. Speaking from experience I would not tick this nice lady off.That's a bomber she's flying!!!!!!

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