Friday, November 17, 2006

FRIDAY- Deer Eve!!!!

Nuthouse, MS> Finally. it is Deer Eve! As you can see I have all my stuff packed and ready to go. This train is about to pull out. As the song says
All my bags are packed,
I'm ready to go.
My .270 is waiting outside the door.
Gonna sneak off without kissing you goodby!
I have my eye on a secret place that nobody knows about. It is chock full of big deer sign. Shhhh!!! Don't tell Paul or Trent. Number One has a 10 point running loose that Greg and Drew can't kill, and I know that the big deer at the Double WhiteOak is too much for Michael. Hell, I may get my limit this weekend! Yes, everythings packed up. I have my trusty rifle, all my hunting clothes, camo and deer scents, even have my camo hat and field glasses. Don't want to shoot a six point accidently like Paul you know. Got my hot deer hunting video to study late tonight. Got my grunt call to blow at the screen if the action gets too intense. I better bring extra bullets! The whole town is starting to close up as everyone leaves for their camps. My damn brothers are already gone, and Dad left about daylight. The kids won't sleep tonight, but neither will the adults. The forecast is clear, cold and still. I am expecting the best deer season we have ever had. See you at the pole in the morning!


kj said...

Watch out for Elmer Fudd. Don't get in the way of his wabbits.
...a hunting we will go... a hunting we will go..hmm hmm ...

Anonymous said...

Thunderhoof sent me a text message. He said not only are you blind, stupid and clueless you are the worst bunch of hunters he's ever seen. Oh and he said something about being a diehard LSU fan. Go figure.