Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Trents' Hard Strategy

Gunpowder, MS> Trent Howell ( Shyster, Grinch and Judge for Water Valley) was very quiet during the first deer season. He griped, but it was mostly under his breath.
He hunted different places, kept quiet and ending up leaving early. He was in an upbeat mood the whole time. Why? He has a new strategy that he thinks is guaranteed to get him a giant buck. While everyone else in the country has to work for the next two weeks (Except Paul) he is finally going to get into hunting with a muzzle-loader.
He has a new .50 caliber muzzle-loader and the absolute run of the famous Christmas Place for the next two weeks. He is in hog heaven.
Meanwhile, my other crooked lawyer brother calls and asks how I'm doing. He laughs and brags and makes suggestions of places for me to go hunt. He is just chock full of information that no one wants to hear. He also gives helpful suggestions on how everyone should act, and what they should do up here in Water Valley. I grit my teeth and listen to his blather. After we talk, he always repeats his motto.

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