Monday, November 13, 2006

MONDAY- 5 Days till Gun Season

Looney Bin, MS> Trent Howell is strange. He is kind of like that crazy great uncle you have that no one talks about. He usually keeps his derangement under control till right before deer season, he loses it as the time approaches to get a big buck. Right now he is close to being a slobbering idiot as he counts down the days. Do not talk to him or ask him to do any legal work right now. The madness has a hold on him.

My other brother, Paul, is entirely different.This time of year he suddenly becomes DeerMan. He is filled with information about deer movement,strategy, hunting spots and anything else you want to know about the deer at the Famous Christmas Place. This is the same SOB that couldn't get off any weekends to help with planting etc. all year and has not helped put a stand in the woods, but now he is able to get off and hunt everyday. All his weekends are suddenly free! DeerMan to the rescue!

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