Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Youth Hunt is Saturday

Can't sleep, MS> Spencer Howell,age 11, is gearing up for this weekend at the famous Christmas Place Hunting Club. Youth weekend for kids fifteen and under gives he and his cousins a jump on everyone to get a crack at a big buck.
Paul is coming with his son Michael, Burney is coming wtih his son Austin and Mark is coming with his son Drew. This will light a lot of competitive fire in these young men to see who gets Buckzilla. They have all shot their rifles and are anxiously awaiting Friday to get to camp. I am sure that there will be little sleep for these keyed up boys as they dream about the Mighty Thunderhoof. The crack of a limb, the sound of footsteps on a frosty morning, and dreams of giant horns flashing in the sunlight. I am sure they will ride the vision of Thunderhoof to a great weekend for all of us.

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