Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TUESDAY- 4 Days and Counting

Quivering Jello, MS> The members of the famous Christmas Place are excited after our great Youth Hunt (pictures later). Spencer has big dreams of shooting the elusive Thunderhoof, but a new quarry was seen last weekend and he really wants to blast a big fat wild hog! That damn Mark Stewart has been calling me every day! He has a book that he keeps looking and writing in. He is about to drive everyone crazy with his new found knowledge. He kills one damn deer and suddenly he is a damn expert. Flipping through his book, spouting forgotten knowledge and being a pain in the rear. He is trying to figure what stands everyone should hunt. He gives wind directions and solunar tables and moon phases. Someone is going to have to steal that book and burn it. I am also thinking about disconnecting my phone for the rest of the week.
Hershel is not worried about a thing. He is hunting the GameWardens Box Stand. He has everything ready to go. Rifle, check, bullets, check, pillow, check. He is about as worried about killing a deer as Paul is worried about making a camp work weekend. He will shoot a deer if one lingers too long in front of him, and might get excited if Thunderhoof comes up and pees on his fourwheeler. Other than that, he wants a whole weekend of relaxation and solitude on his stand. Someone tell the rest of these idiots to quit calling me!

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Anonymous said...

HEY HEY HEY. you just forget all about the mule book. and it was not just one damn deer, it was THE DAMN DEER, last year!