Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Something Sneaky...

Diabolical, MS> After getting skunked last weekend, I have finally figured out how to get that evil varmint, Thunderhoof. I am going to build a Goldberg Machine My calculations have determined that all I need is a piece of cheese, a piece of rope, a big net, a fishing pole, a rubber band, assorted mouse traps, and a knife to finish him off with. should be easy as pie. Everyone knows that that damn Thunderhoof loves cheese! When I'm through, he will look like Swiss cheese.
Meanwhile, my brother (the evil coast lawyer) is hunting right now. Strange that he doesn't have a damn job all winter. Anyway, he is smiling and laughing about something. Said he recently located a really good place, looks like a deer highway. I am sure he is on one of my best stands right about now, aiming at a giant buck. Curses! Having a creepy millionaire brother is horrible. Maybe he will blast one of those routine 6-points by mistake. The camp can use the fine money. Hey, maybe he will get eaten by a wild hog! We can only hope.
My other brother, Darrell, (Trent the Lonely) who is another damn lawyer, is in the middle of having the Deer Hunter Blues. No matter where he hunts, it is the wrong place. Trent is creeping from stand to stand seeing nothing. He spends his time trying to think like a deer. This is ridiculous. Everyone knows that lawyers are too closely related to sharks to ever think like a deer. Soon he will be asking to borrow Marks' secret book. I do want to get a picture of that event! TOO DAMN BAD.
Hopefully, once I get Thunderhoof on the hanging pole, my true stature as the Buckmaster will be forever remembered. Reminds me of a Thanksgiving not to long ago when I put this big hoss on the pole!

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