Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Simple Mans' Success Story

Mental, MS> I talked to Paul today about muzzle-load hunting. He is still chomping at the bit to shoot a big ole mule! He also reminded me that he is bringing Terry Cutrer to camp. Terry is an interesting fellow in a bug sort of way.
He has also killed two giants bucks on the famous Christmas Place. This is the story of how this mighty hunter took one of those giant deer.
Terry got to the stand early and unpacked his binoculars, daylight was coming and it was a beautiful day. He finally located a bullet and managed to get it in the rifle without shooting himself, lifted the binoculars and took a look around. The first thing he spotted was a hawk, heading for it's roost on the upper lake. It zipped around him a couple of times and was gone. What a great morning! He looked at the trees, he looked at the clouds.
Uh-Oh! He heard walking! A big raccoon ambled across the small field. Man! Those things look ferocious! he thought. Later, he fell asleep but was awakened by a caterpillar on his leg. He got his binoculars out and watched
it crawl around for awhile. He was having a great time! This deer hunting was fun! He looked around for some more things to focus on. A big grasshopper was on a limb,he put the lens up against it and counted his legs. He leaned back and whistled for awhile. Yawned, ate a candy bar, looked down the barrel of his rifle, slept a little bit. He was warm and cozy. Suddenly, an eagle swooped right by his head. Wow, that thing was big! He wondered, maybe it was a condor? Nah, he grabbed his binoculars and got back into hunting. He saw a bird, and a butterfly, slept for awhile until he was interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps. A huge megabuck was standing 20 yards from him! He looked at it through his binoculars. Wow! It was big too! He found his rifle hanging on a nail, checked to make sure it had a bullet in the damn thing. The huge buck was munching grass like a cow at 15 yards, oblivious to the idiot in front of him. He looked through the scope and counted the horns. 8. He counted them again to be sure. Terry took the safety off, aimed, aimed and BA-LAAMMM! The deer fell in it's tracks. Here is a picture of the 240 lb. monster.


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