Thursday, November 30, 2006

News, Notes and Nuts

Cold Rain, MS> It is a tough job being a famous blogger. Emails continually cover my desk asking questions about the famous Christmas Place. These emails are usually under three categories.
1. When are you going to take an ax handle and beat some sense into your older brother?
2. Are you going to kill Paul before Christmas?
3. Please tell us more about Thunderhoof!
To let our loyal readers know--- I am working on it!

In other news, the Christmas Place has rules that follow state regulations. Every member can kill three bucks, they can also take up to 5 does. Paul can not stand this (especially when his killing blood is up), but he has a new strategy on how to take home more big horned deer without breaking the rules.

Does anybody want a deer drumstick?

P-Willie wins the Conerly Trophy!

That Trigger hates a damn coyote!

If you see this in the woods, be very quiet or be a really, really good shot!

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Dr. D said...

There might not be dragons out there but I've seen some hogs that would make you wonder.

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