Friday, November 03, 2006

Paul Jinxed My Stand!

Loser, MS> On the famous Christmas Place, the hunting is usually great. Many trophy deer have been taken and a few have gotten away. One stand has been a blessing and a curse. Several years ago (before we had a stand there) Paul Howell, (hunting fool), slipped into a big grass field and set up. He could not see far through the grass, but deer sign was everywhere. Later that day a nice deer came by. Good horns and at that time, a shooter. He blasted him through the chest high sage grass. Returning to camp he was excited about the new area he had found and greedy to return. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins. Sure enough, the next week found him in the same place. It wasn’t long till he looked to the right, and almost fainted, as he could see a truly monstrous buck moving through the grass toward him. The big buck was chasing a doe and he could catch glimpses of the big deer but could not get a clear shot at him.
Paul thought he was going to have a heart attack! The buck finally stopped and all Paul could see through his scope was the tips of his tremendous horns. Using a military approach he took a chance. Raise rifle, Aim below horns, Fire for effect. BOOM!!!!! The buck took off! (strike 1) Paul jacked another bullet in and tried to shoot. The buck was gone. He eased to the end of the grass field and found a blood trail leading into the woods. This also crossed over into the game refuge. Confused that the deer had run so far, he debated what to do. He figured the deer was dead a few feet away. No guns allowed on the refuge! The gamewarden office was only three hundred yards away. He was sure it was full of G-Men ready to pounce on him! He carefully set his gun against a stump and headed into the woods. (strike 2) He followed the blood trail into a creek and started up it. Spots of blood floated past him. Wouldn’t be long now, he thought. He tracked up the creek and quietly eased out. He had made a circle and was almost back to where he had shot the deer! The blood trail headed back to the sage grass field.
He quietly moved forward and suddenly he saw the deer laying just a few yards in front of him. The deer was wheezing and looking the other way. He could almost reach out and grab him. Should he whack it with a stick? Jump on it? He squatted and waited for it to die, the deer was oblivious. He waited. Maybe he should take his belt off and lasso it! The deer stood up, stepped into the sage field and was gone. (strike 3) Horrified, Paul ran back to his rifle, grabbed it, and headed back. The blood trail was gone, the deer was gone and Paul had struck out.
A large green field was created out of this sage grass field with a nice box stand in it the very next year, but since that time, no trophy deer have ever been killed there. Rex, (the pure hearted) killed a large buck and so did Burney (the friend of Rex the pure hearted). A few does have been harvested but no true trophies have been taken, but they sure have been seen and shot at.
The first was Greg Jones, who had an unbelievably giant buck (Thunderhoof?) at 30 yards straight in front of him. Did I mention it is an open green field now? He missed. Last year Hershel Howell almost duplicated this dubious feat by missing a buck, he swore was a state record, (Thunderhoof again?) in the middle of the field at 40 yards. The stand is jinxed to be sure, thanks to Paul (the Unpure Greedy Hearted). So, if you come to visit, don’t waste your time hunting there. The jinx is in!!!!

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