Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Git Ed-u-ma-cated

Fargo, ND> Are you tired of them deers being smarter than you? Do those sneaky varmints always seem to outwit you? Like Bill, You haven't filled your tag in 10 years? Ever had people make funny videos of you being out-smarted by a wild hog? Can't hit a duck with a cannon? Squirrels torment you? Have to grow a beard because of your poor shooting ability and those nasty fishes alway get your bait? Sounds like you need a little ed-u-ma-ca-tion! Now there is a University just for you!
Located on a sprawling campus in the sunshine state of North Dakota, and run by the President Emeritus, Craig Manock this college works for you! It makes perfect Hunting Sense! Please enroll now at Outdoor U! Remember Safety first, blast the critters second. Outdoor U. is for you!

1 comment:

Bill Anderson said...

Them is fighting words Mr. Deer Camp Blog....

Trees keep getting in the way!