Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where We Came From

A recent comment from my old friend, Two Feathers, reminded me of how we got here.
Many moon ago our tribe lived in the deep pine forest near the banks of the Tallahatchie River in north Mississippi. We hunted and enjoyed our 160 acres of land and everyone was happy.

Chief Tallahatchie was happy too, but he was visited with a strange and ominous vision. He called his braves together and told them that they must leave this wonderful place. The white man was encroaching on our sacred hunting land and we must find a bigger and better land that will be ours as long as the sun shines and the rain falls.

Many of the fine braves who hunted there laughed and refused to go with the Chief. They said the cost was too high to leave their lands. The deer were plentiful and the rivers were full of fish.
The ones who listened and believed in Chief Tallahatchie immediately started searching for a new hunting land.

The Chief and his sons' Trent (Patient Spider), Paul (Blue Hawk) and Rex (Spotted Cat) sought out and walked many different lands and finally found themselves near Vicksburg, MS and bought a new hunting land.

The old camp was gone and they found themselves in unknown territory with only one member of the old camp with them. Mark "Talks With Hands" Stewart. The braves enjoyed a very good hunting season that year but the Chief was troubled.

Chief Tallahatchie warned that this was not the end of the trip, but the beginning.
A vision soon came to him of a tremendous deer named Thunderhoof that called him to come to the sacred land in the Mississippi Delta and immediately he led the remaining tribe there to live for as long as the river runs and the stars shine.

This is how the Tallahatchie tribe ended up on our land in the Mississippi Delta.
We will keep the land for our children and their children and as long as Thunderhoof runs free to guard the forest.

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Matt said...

Hilarious. Not politically correct maybe, but few things that are funny are.