Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Rare Creature

Behold this rare creature spotted recently on the famous Christmas Place.
This is the rare "Workaholicus SimonLegreeus". This creature can be spotted near men dying of heat stroke with shovels and picks in their hands. Kind of a vulturous type that seems to feed off carrion and sweat.
You can hear it's cry across the delta on many weekends. "Pick up that log, Cut that, Move this, Lift that Bale, Tote that Barge."
This strange beast is known for it's hardheaded stubbornness, inability to sit still or relax, doing things it's own way, and working people to death.
The creature thrives in extreme heat.
This creature is known to be the only one of it's kind left in the wild.
I kind of like that.


Phillip said...

Sounds like an ideal tribute with Father's Day looming on the horizon!

We had one of those that would show up around the farm back in North Carolina (back before I fled to the West). I'd be building a new mare shed, or resetting fence posts, and the familiar sound of the Kawasaki Mule would be heard drawing near. Then, from nowhere, you'd hear that call... "This post is leaning, you need to plumb it up! And that board is split, pull it down and put up a new one!"

It is a rare, and wonderful creature...and you're fortunate to be blessed to spot it in its native environment.

Anonymous said...

This man called Chief White white from many moons and hell raiser sons. Chief White Cloud say...MY WAY OR HIGHWAY Arrowhead (that your Indian name Rex)!

Jon Bryan said...

I have been told that one more exists in central Texas!

KeesKennis said...

Just wacth out before you become like that.
Apples and trees come to mind.
Enjoy this wonderfull creature.