Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Than A Weekend

Vicksburg, MS> I have to hurry this post about my trip to Vicksburg. Lots of stuff coming in, but first go check on KeesKennis who recognizes a Master Storyteller. Never mind the hunting style depicted. That Kees is a damn genius, I tell you!
We left the Corner Drugstore and went in to the Coca-Cola Museum. Vicksburg is where the first coke was bottled and sold.

Here is Denise and Marian looking over the displays.
A glass of coke would not do the trick, Bob and I were hot, damn hot and Bob knew exactly what to do about it.

We headed up the street to a bar called Borrellos'.
They have the biggest and coldest draft beer in the state of Mississippi!
Can't wait to go back! We relaxed for awhile and figured what to do next.

We had a late lunch at the beautiful Anchuca Mansion. It is a great B&B. The food was great too!
Now it was off to the Vicksburg National Military Park surrounding the city. We drove for miles and enjoyed all the sites. (See Marians' Blog).

The main thing is that the Bob and I made sure that the ladies got to ride the cannons.
We were tired after this and headed in, but that night we ate at a wonderful seafood buffet in the casino that overlooks the river. Back to our friends house and we enjoyed the weather again by sitting on the porch talking for an hour or so.


Callie said...

Where in the heck are the minorities ??? *laughs*

How many beers did you chug and did it kool you off some?

Any Antebellum Ghost stories???

Lurve you,

Phillip said...

Sounds like one heck of a great weekend!

I've added Mississippi to my list of "must visit" places, with the Christmas Place at the top of the pile. Now I just need to manipulate time so I can get away and make the trip.

Fathairybastard said...

Looks like lots of fun.