Friday, June 01, 2007

Scouting with Thunderhoof

Rattler Mountain, MS> Summertime is hot and dry at the famous Christmas Place. Lots of snakes and other critters in the woods too. Even so, I do enjoy roaming the woods scouting for deer sign or Indian Artifacts, hogs or anything unusual. Late in the afternoons the people and deer head down to the lake to cool off and swim. Now that the Othmar is in the water, we go boating and even enjoy a cold beer while we observe everything.
Thunderhoof usually doesn't come down and get in the water, it causes too much commotion with people wanting pictures and all the deer running and jumping and showing off by diving off the pier. He has started a game with me while I am in the woods though. He has a bad habit of sneaking up behind me and snorting in my ear!
He just thinks this is funny as hell and always runs off guffawing. Ha-Ha!
You would think that a 6 foot tall deer with a 8-10 foot wide rack would sound like an elephant but he is mighty tricksy and loves to sneak up behind me and bump me with his horns or do that awful snort-whistle to scare the bejesus out of me. You would also think that he might want to grow up and quit being a damn nuisance too.
Wait 'till hunting season!
Anyway, I am hoping to get a little scouting in this weekend. We are going to put up two stands, do some poisoning, take out a handful of rotten stands and Dad is bringing in a bulldozer. Lord, remember what happened last time and the final burning result.


Matt said...

The countdown to opening day is on. I hope to do some scouting this weekend myself.

I guess it's time to take the bow down off the wall too and do some shooting!

Rodrigo said...

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Fathairybastard said...

What would you give to be able to go back about 30,000 years and see one of those bug dudes, and a herd of mammoth. Persistent fantasy of mine.

defiant_infidel said...

I got a mental picture of ole T-Hoof actually being successful in "sneaking up behind" you and bumping you with his horns... NOT! I have no horns and I am pretty sure I wouldn't try that! HA!

Good luck with your scouting adventures, Rex.