Monday, June 04, 2007

A Working Weekend

Alcatraz, MS> My weekend started with Mark (Mailman) Stewart calling. He and Drew wanted his damn deer head in exchange for working at the camp this past weekend. Reluctantly, I went to the taxidermist, hooked a chain to the ratty thing, and dragged it to my office. Damn! What a buck!
We got to camp and had Kentucky Fried Chicken, a good drink, and listened to the quiet with Dad. Peace and Quiet. It was great. I did notice a bulldozer sitting in the shade, and I knew Saturday was going to be interesting.

The next morning, I started bushhogging the fields while Mark started trimming the roads. Dad went with the bulldozer, and the kids and Camo cycled back and forth getting drinks, pretending to help while riding 4-wheelers and checking stands.
I cut the Graveyard, Indian Mound, Beehive, Arrowhead, Bird Point, Turkey Feather, 1st Crossover and The Odom field. A full days work.
Mark did not miss a beat and trimmed all the roads leading in to the fields. It was easy work, the temperature was only about 95 degrees. Perfect. It hadn't even reached The Boiling Point yet.
We finished up about 5 o'clock, but was that good enough? Hell, no! Dad needed a small log cut so that the bulldozer could move it. Mark and I went out with the saws and started cutting.

We had to trim to get to the bulk of the tree which was an acorn about 300 years ago and now was at least 3 feet through the center. Amazing! We managed to get it cut in three pieces and headed to the house. Fried and BB'Q catfish, BBQ pork loin and all the trimmings for supper, followed by ice cold watermelon.

You talk about some tired people, we were beat.
We staggered to bed knowing tomorrow was going to really be tough.
The next day was Dazed and Confuzed from beginning to end.


Dazd said...

Only 95? Way too hot for me!

Anonymous said...

Shake'n a bush Boss!
I see Rex and Mailman are the mack daddies of the Christmas Place...Is that Paul running that Husky?

Editor said...

uhhh, no. Paul running a chainsaw? much less working, surely you jest.
that's me unfortunately.

Debbie said...

I'm tired just reading about your weekend.

We've had company for 9 days. They are gone now. I love them, but I'm glad to get back to 'normal', whatever that is.

Have a great week.

Kevin C. Paulson said...

The weeks are for resting and the weekends are for work... Wouldn't that be a better schedule!!!!!!!

Jon said...

I would love to get after my place like all of you all did, but it is too wet! Starting tomorrow we are supposed to be dry for a week. It will top out at 94 degrees!

Fathairybastard said...

Readin' this here makes me realize just how friggin' lazy I am. I've got 17 acres, and yall can come over any time.

deerslayer said...

Well now it looks like to me if you guys had of talked about the work that had to be done friday night and started at daylight saturday morning you could have gotten that all done by noon then had time to plow, disk and plant the fields you cut,mark could have drug and piled the brush and burned it,and dear old dad could have graveled the road beds that mark cleared and you could still have time before dark to split the small log you and mark cut and stacked the wood in the shed. Now thats the way to schedule you days work so you can have sundays for church and rest, but you gave it a good try anyway. One more thing just remember to stay hydrated in those hot temperatures and be safe always.