Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wrapping Up Sunday

Vicksburg, MS> We got up Sunday and headed downtown to see the ship that is going to be the new river museum. Pretty impressive! The mayor there is rejuvenating the whole town and it is already amazing what he has accomplished.

We headed south to Marians Deer Camp in Claiborne County. Here is a picture of me
"Dodging Big Black Deer on the Big Black River"
Her camp is 800 acres along the river. It is filled with deer and turkeys too.
Remember "Big Bucks Have Wet Feet"

Bob and Marian drove us all over the property. they showed us all their stands and where the deer trails were. It is a very impressive piece of property.
We used their new 4 wheel drive truck. It was pretty impressive too!

Finally, it was time to go home. I will miss their cute bungalow named THISIT. This Is It.

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