Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Long Strange Trip

Fort Sill, OK> I have received word that GuyK will be dragging in here on the third of July. My friend has been on a long strange trip, and now that he has caught evey fish in Oklahoma, he is gearing up to go home. My friend has had the Gore effect everywhere he has been. Rain chased him out of Florida all the way to Texas and from there to the hidden lakes of Oklahoma.
If you are suffering a drought, make sure to call and ask him to drop by. I think Oklahoma may be under water by now.
His truck is pointing straight at the famous Christmas Place Fishing Hole. Now that's what I call Charming, Just Charming.


Callie said...

You have NO idea how peaceful that looks. Just being able to *stop* and sit on a porch bare foot and fancy free...*sighs*

Calgon owes me more than a tub full of freakin bubbles.


BobG said...

Wish he'd come by Utah; we could use some rain.

Editor said...

if he comes to Utah you may need an Ark to get out of there.
Guy Almighty!

blogagog said...

Hippie alert! The editor is a deadhead!

Seriously though, I'm jealous as heck of GuyK. Don't much care for the taste of OK striper, but catching them is about as much fun as you can have! Unless you're catching bass, of course.

Anonymous said...

It's a rainy night in Alabamie tonight! No doubt General GuyK has crossed the Heart of Dixie and is looking for the airstrip at the Christmas Place. I salute you General Sir.
Keep your head down Rex...he'll be laying snake & nap on that first pass. More rain if you can swing it General!

Debbie said...

He must have driven though Tennessee yesterday. We've been in a terrible drought, but yesterday the heavens opened up and gave the earth a much needed drink.

Jon said...

Please don't send him to central Texas. We have had 17" of rain in the last 5 weeks. Marble Falls, Texas, 70 miles south of my ranch had 19 1/2" last night!

Editor said...

Guy has already been to Texas, they will rename it Lake Texas soon, poor Oklahoma is next.
His email to me was routed through Tennessee causing massive thundershowers not seen in 100 years. I am a little worried.