Wednesday, June 27, 2007

July Fun in Mississippi

Swelter, MS> July is nothing but hot in Mississippi. Thank goodness for the old fashioned 4th of July celebration that always seems to distract us from the heat.
There is always a cookout and a fish fry. Someone always makes homemade ice cream.
There is going to be an ice cold watermelon eaten, and the kids are going to swim while the adults visit. Life in the South.
Here is a pic of Spencer getting after the fish.You will likely see distant relatives (a lot of Yankees)that come to visit this time of year.
The people here like to be on a lake or near it during this time! This year we are really looking forward to our pontoon boat, The Othmar.
Everyone that raises a garden wants to have their tomatos ready by the 4th of July also. Fresh corn will be found too! There will be gallons of ice cold beer for the early morning golfers and sweet tea for the early afternoon lunch. Fireworks will be shot and admired as they burst in the sky, and we will be thankful for our country.
The people enjoy the food and fun but at the famous Christmas Place it is time for the Whitetail Games.
All the deer practice up to see who will be the 2nd in line behind Thunderhoof. Lots of strenuous races and jumps are involved with this selection. Here is a picture of Thunderhoof hopping over a log while I watch. Don't want to make it too tough for the other deer! Late in the afternoon we go out to a high hill and watch them. It is a lot of fun and we always root for our favorite buck.


Kristine said...

Sounds like a nice time.

Callie said...

I am audtioning for the Ms. Firecracker Pageant. I am doing a mad baton skit! I got skillz to


Don't laugh....

Hammer said...

looks like the perfect celebration.

Bill Anderson said...

Hey Rex,

I already shot that deer in the photo...its on my wall!

Clement vanesha said...

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Kieth daeng said...
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