Friday, December 15, 2006

Antler Bowl This Weekend !!

Touchdown, MS> The Antler Bowl starts this weekend and is played every year between the Marauders of the Christmas Place Military School and the Bighorn Bucks of Christmas Deer University during the Still Hunting Season.
Last year the Antler Bowl had a stunning upset as the Bighorns ran freely through the defense of the Marauders. Thunderhoof (#1) Quarterback for the Bighorns, laughed and then predicted another long weekend for the inept Marauders.
Trent Howell (#12) washed up Quarterback for his team has been trying to get his aim working and thinks it is going to be a tight game that may go into overtime.
Injury List for the Marauders- 1. (#67) John (One Boot) Stewart, Team doctor Bobby Howell looked him over and stated that he is hopeless and a goober and will not play in the game.
2. Paul Howell- (#22)has suffered a brain injury from a musket incident and will have to sit out most of the game. He may be called off the bench if the score is tight.
Injury List for the Bighorns- 1. (#23) Tenpoint Jones- wounded in a freak lightning storm and hail of gunfire near the hole stand. He is limping and recovering. May be sent in for goal line running plays.
2. (#84) Crooked Horn was injured at the 72 acre field in a bullet collision with young Austin Howell. Has not played since first gun season.

In other news regarding the game, tailback Thick Horn Lewis (#33) is still missing and was last seen at the #1 Field. Presumed Dead.
Another missing player is the Eastgate manager and waterdeer (#00) missing in action. Presumed dead.
Stay tuned Monday and Tuesday for developments. The game starts at daylight Saturday and is expected to be a real doozy!

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