Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Deer Time In The Valley

Water Valley, MS> Andy Hall stopped by with the big 9-point buck he took this week in Water Valley. He said that he had gone by Jones' office to show him but when he pulled up, all the blinds closed. He knocked on the door. No answer. He looked in the window and could see Gregs' shoes sticking out from under his desk. Strange. He went to Trents office to show him and knocked. All the lights went out and no one came to the door. Odd. If you are in Water Valley and want to put your big deer on my blog, send a pic or come by and I will try to get it on. I am hoping to get a Hunting Gallery started soon. If you are a blogger, send me a pic and a link and I will put your pic on too!


Anonymous said...

I see said the blind man...that wouldn't be an "A" as in Alabama Crimson Tide on that man's cap would it? He wouldn't be interested in a football coaching job would he??

Editor said...

yes, all they do is deerhunt and froth at the mouth for Alabummer.

Appraiser Lady said...

Hotty Toddy!!!