Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Putting On the Hog

Red Booty, MS> When I left the famous Christmas Place with my giant buck, the whole camp was in an uproar. It was nice to feel like Paul! The members were in a state of panic and with Paul losing his big deer, it has only gotten worse.
This week they have all been bothering me. It is hard to blog with a bunch of whiny losers pestering you. Trent,Paul and Hershel are fighting over who gets to hunt my old stands. Bobby is going through the papers looking for a good price on a muzzle-loader and asking my opinion. Mark calls from his truck on the road and wants to know the latest details. Life is good! The true fact about deer hunting is that if you get one buck, suddenly they will be attracted to you and you will see bucks everytime you hunt. Did I mention life is good?
My evil,Gulf coast, lawyer, brother, Paul has even sent me a treatsie (report) on how the deer got away. It is quite amusing and filled with lies of course. I will let you read it sometime. Boy is it funny! The Bodock Times only reports the unvarnished TRUTH! In related news on at least someone getting a shot, Burney the Loser gave up in disgust on getting a big deer last Sunday, wandered out in the cotton field and was surrounded by wild hogs. He managed to bag a 185lb. porker. Sometimes a man just has to know his limitations.

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