Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Place Honeymoon

Wedded Bliss, MS> As everyone knows, Denise and I are getting married in the spring. She is a California girl that has adapted to the rural South surprisingly well. She is very excited about getting married and wants to do something really fun and exciting for our honeymoon. She is expecting something really good.
I have been thinking on this very hard. Fun, Exciting, Spring. It hit me, Crappie Fishing! Wow! Another great idea! We could get an RV, go up to the lake, crappie fish, camp, honeymoon, relax, fish, honeymoon and fish. Am I a genius or what?!
I called my buddy in Tuscaloosa (Joe Dirt) and he finally found the perfect RV for us to use. It only cost $200 (brilliant!)I can't wait to tell Denise the good news!


GUYK said...

but you have to have a jon boat

Anonymous said...

Wellll doggies...that's right nice of you to say that Rex (aka Killus Maximus de Odocoileus virginianus). The good news is saving some frogskins on the honeymoon is a good thing and that RV is just the ticket. The rear-end is full of new possum grease, so you'll never have to change it no matter how many mudholes you hit. Bad news is... diamond rings are $100,000 and up...you may have to live in the RV for a year or two. Your Sweet Baby will love the back portico...just right for clothes wash'n and smoke'n crawdads!

Old Scratch said...

Hey Rex, will that fit under the tunnel to get into infield at Talledega. That could be your spring honeymoon.