Monday, December 11, 2006

Smiling Trent

Vesuvius, MS> I am a little worried about my other, shyster brother Trent. He has not killed a deer, or even seen a big one in the woods. By now, he would usually have a raging case of REDASS and be a pain for anyone to be around. He hunted hard during the first season and even harder during primitive weapons. Nada, Zilch- but he just keeps on smiling. It is beginning to unnerve me. He acts like he did when he killed his giant Birthday buck. Maybe he is still suffering the effects of his terrible meeting withThe White Spectre Of Doom last year. Maybe he is turning into a nice guy (HAHAHA).Anyway, look for an explosion sometime during the still season. Maybe Camo can help him get a giant Indian Mound Buck, like he did last year.

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