Monday, December 18, 2006

Boating for Big Bucks

Jonah, MS> This weekend I went to camp with the hope and expectation of crushing my brothers and the other members of the famous Christmas Place Yacht Club. I laid my plan to boat up to a secret spot at the upper end of the lake to a funnel across the swamp. I was not disappointed. At 7:45, I heard the big buck ease across a slough and there he was 20 yards from me. Blammm! He fell in his tracks from the .270 bullet and 30 minutes later I had wrestled him in the boat and was heading for the dock. His big old horns punched holes all in the bottom of the boat, of course! I didn't care, my little boat looked like a paddle-wheeler coming up the lake with those big horns hanging over the side! Here is a picture of me and the big buck and Mark and his squirrel. We loaded the huge deer in dads new Gator that I bought for him. It has plenty of power! The members were crushed by my brilliance and great hunting prowess. They spent most of the rest of the afternoon sitting around the loser table admiring my deer.


GUYK said...

Nice..and it should make some pretty good lunch meat

Anonymous said...

This is getting to be a sick joke on lawyer hunters and lawyers in general. My God what a deer hunting machine. Paul and Trent should go on a Doe hunt. Mark Stewart should take some road dope and get back in his mail truck, pick up hithikers and sing his sad songs until they ask to be put out at the next redlight. Burney was overheard saying EtTu Rex.

Anonymous said...

rex, son, you have mastered hunting on land and now on the sea. may i suggest a small quiet glider as the next challenge for you. you may want to open a guide service or a hunting "school". i'm sure paul and trent would enroll as your first students. god knows, they have room for some education on the subject.