Monday, December 25, 2006

Family Christmas Presents

Lost Loot, MS> We opened our family Christmas presents today. I must say it was quite exciting. This year I was really hoping for a 20-hp motor to get up and down the lake to really get after those deer. That did not quite happen. I think my family may be mad that I have been ribbing them so hard about the big bucks I have been blasting at the famous Christmas Place.

My conniving brother Paul opened his gift from Dad. Wow! A heavy bar of gold from the S.S. Central America. He gave it a quick look and threw it over in his stash of presents.
He said "Thanks Dad, Where's my next present?"
Dad rubbed him on the head and said "You will have to wait until your other wonderful brother opens his gift from me."

I stared dumb-founded as Trent tore his present open. It was a huge bar of silver! Must a weighed 50 lbs! Trent looked it over, Bit one end of it, then tossed it over in his stash of gifts. He said " Cool Dad, What did Mom get me?" Dad laughed "Let's see what Rex got?" Boy! I was about to burst a blood vessel. I hurriedly grabbed my gift and started ripping the paper off and tearing it open.

Finally! A grunt call? a grunt call? I stared in shocked silence. Dad said " Look how quiet he is boys. He loves his present!"

"Paul, Mom went out and bought you something really special. Here you go!"

"Just a little something to tide you over till your birthday. Merry Christmas, son!" Paul studied the heavy bag and said "Thanks Dad, Looks awful heavy, make Rex carry that out to my car, Ok? " He gave me the thumbs up.
Trent was quietly watching and said " Give me something better, but not as heavy, will ya?"

Dad replied "Sure, my sweet and wonderful favorite son, in fact when we are through I'll have Rex take all your gifts home and clean the house too!"

"Here you go!"
Trent greedily ripped the cover off of his Christmas present and whistled! Whoo-weee, Dad! Stocks! IBM, Microsoft, Xerox, Apple and some other good ones too. Thanks Dad, you sure are a great Dad! My Dad chuckled "Now, Now, wait till you see what we got Rex!" I gazed at the big box in front of me and hoped for the best. Not gonna happen.

As I slowly opened the big box my Dad said,
"I got him a gas can, so he can fill up my new Gator!" Paul and Trent clapped their hands, hugged Dad, gathered up their horde of loot and then wandered off all full of love, affection and Christmas Spirit. Paul said "Hey Rex, make some more coffee will you? "
I sat for a little while contemplating my gifts, gathered them up and headed to the kitchen. I think Christmas is killing me.

But, on the bright side, at least it seems to beat the wonderful gift that I got last year.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Rex got the looks and personality in the family, which is why he says these things to make his brothers feel better.

Anonymous said...

He has such a Big Heart and is So Sensitive too!Oh My...