Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Extreme Deer Blogging

Faulkner, MS> This blogging is tough. Low on bullets, my boat has a hole in it, no members of the He-Man-Woman-Hater-Christmas Place Hunting Club will talk to me. Come to think of it, life is pretty good. All the lonely bloggers are out there typing like hell about their niche in the Blogosphere, and every now and then they read and like another persons blog. You know how us famous people stick together. This guy over at Defiant Infidel is a good writer, has good political commentary and is living in liberal hell. Too bad he has to wear a mask, so people won't recognize him and turn him in to the PC police. He is pretty funny about what he sees in his part of the world. A gun nut and a hunter. Check out his blog!
My cousin, Jimmy, is extremely proud of his son,
James. This young man took his first buck recently at Abbeville near our old camp. This is on the edge of the Graham Lake Refuge on Sardis. Great Hunting and fishing area. Congratulations on a fine deer. It is about time we found a Lammey that could kill a deer. In fact, that deer sure is a hell of a lot bigger than anything I can remember his old Dad ever taking. I just happen to have a good picture of Jim in all his deer hunting glory.

Jim, We really miss hunting with you, hope to see you again soon.


Anonymous said...

james sure does resemble big jim , doesn't he ?

Editor said...

yes, he does. Mom said he was one handsome devil as a young man.

defiant_infidel said...

Hey, Rex... thanks very kindly for the plug and the link, Sir! That was damn nice of you to do. I will try to be worthy of your acknowledgement, although I have been pretty slack with my blog since the turn of the year.

Your blog has the most astonishing array of deer in one place that I have ever seen... does deer season ever really end down there???! Your writing style and enthusiasm add just the right complimenting touch, too.

Oh, and as far as my personal picture goes... I don't have to cover my face, I simply choose to. Why? Because I have a rather well known business that I try not to stir my politics into. It is fully complicated enough without that addition (and I work completely alone, thus all problems must be handled by me directly). I am currently backlogged with work for the next six months, so stirring the pot up doesn't seem like a great idea! HA!

Hey, THANKS again and very best wishes to you and your family!

Davin said...

Next to James is my oldest step-son Scott and he killed his first buck within 5 minutes of James and it was a 5 point as well. It's a amazing thing how a new generation of Lammey's can actually kill deer,guess it's because their to young to get into the Ezra Brooks (HAHA).

Editor said...

thanks Davin
glad to see another cousin reading the blog. Send me a pic or two of you and yours with a deer and a pic of the Lammey camp. Want to get all of you on here.

wood couter said...