Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You Say Tomato, I say Mule!

Linkaholic, MS> after taking the giant mule off of the #1 stand, it has been a whirlwind of news reports, interviews, being chased by hot women and blogging.
Already the evil lawyers are out to stop my run for a record buck at the famous Christmas Place Mule Shooters Farm. I received an email from an Alabama shyster with the dubious name of Joe Dirt with a cease and desist order since I misspelled tomato in a recent post. He will drop the lawsuit if I take him hunting though. Hmmmmm? I see. Must be a friend of Trents.
My antler hunting friend over at the Shed Antler was nice enough to put up a picture of our Antler Tree! Thanks!
I met another new rascally, blogging friend over at Charming, Just Charming that gave a link to me and a lot of his loyal readers have stopped by. He gives humor and political commentary. He is also pretty damn sharp. Give him a look, I will link his site permanently soon (hopefully).
Another hometown boy checked in from Oxpatch and gives some insight into the Oxford landscape, and rides his motorcycle throughout rural Mississippi while doing calculus in his head. He likes fast cars, motorcycles, music, faster women, and is a good photographer.Check out his blog at The Kudzu Kronicles Do not let him fool you, he is one sharp university professor. Tell him to start blogging more or at least try out for quarterback for our team.
In case you missed it, Water Valley had their annual Christmas Parade. My two cheerleader girls (Sarah and Erin)were very excited and got to ride on the fire truck. Here's Sarah! and here's Erin! This blogging is great but I am low on bullets and Christmas is coming. Please click on a link so I won't have to sell the kids or use Jones' rusty bullets.


Anonymous said...

Hey Goatman,

Just stopping by to say "Hi". I will have to send my husband over here to read your stories. From what I read/browsed, you are a great writer and very passionate about your hunting. There is nothing like passion! Some people sit around and are couch potatoes all day long or sit in front of the tube all night long. I enjoy reading a blog that has some passion to've got it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Editor,

I apoligize for the faux pas with your name. I had two comments from new people and I got you and the other guy mixed up! I am really sorry..It's been one of those days...


mail rider said...

Dear Ellie,
Don't feel bad about the faux pas. I've know this yo-yo a long time. Goatman will be one of the kinder name applied to him coming very soon.

Editor said...

shucks, ma'am
y'all stop by anytime.
mail rider, shut the hell up,
I'm working here!

GUYK said...

maters be good no matter how you spell them..thanks for the link..sure wuld like to get i on one of those hunts..I was out in Oklahoma last month at my sister's ranch and saw them within rifle shot of the front porch..but all I could do was take pictures.

Editor said...

you're not a damn lawyer are you?