Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Bestest Weekend III

Renas' Birthday Party
Jumping Catfish, MS> After our ride around the property, we headed back in to the camp. It was time for cold beer and some serious visiting. The neighbors were starting to arrive and lots of interesting conversation and laughter kept us entertained. All of them had read about Othmar and were pleased with the boat story.

We all agreed that it would really be fun to have all our blogging buddies down for a weekend.

After much fighting, Burney was allowed to be in charge of cooking the crawfish. Bob and Marian were not too interested but ate them. Check with them, but my opinion is they were the best we have had.

Mark Stewart had come rolling in earlier and had brought tents. these were quickly dubbed the Crawfish Tents and when they were ready we all sat down to a great appetizer of crawfish and cold beer.
This was followed by all the catfish, hush puppies, slaw, corn etc. you could eat!

Now it was time for Renas' birthday! We sang Happy birthday and she started opening presents. A nice bracelet and a few other things I didn't notice. I was still eating Crawfish! Finally Dad got her present out. It was a super duper new jig pole! She is a fishing fool and loved it!
She and Dad instantly set their plans for 6AM to ride the Othmar to glory and have the initial fishing trip in the big pontoon.

Everyone had brought cakes and desserts and we all dug in! I think that all the adults were full and tipsy by the time it was over! Mr. Brown and his wife Terri were there, Rena and her husband Richard, Paul Jones and his wife and son and lots of neighbors that I did not know but I soon felt like they were all family.

Thunderhoof had left a Shed Antler for Rena but did not make the party. He was late getting back from Virginia. He can't just run into Walmart for a gift without being mobbed by autograph seekers and besides he doesn't have pockets for his change. That night after all our friends had left, we built a big fire and just sat around talking and sipping.

Thunderhoof came up and let Bob and Marian pet him, then laid by the fire with Camo. We talked about blogging, we talked about Ivan linking with Marian, we talked about all kinds of Amazing Facts and history of the famous Christmas Place while Spencer kept the fire going. Finally, sometime after midnight we finally still had enough Hunting Sense to stagger off to bed.
Part IV coming up.


blogagog said...

OMG that place looks wonderful! Can we be your blogging buddies and come and visit too? Say, two weeks from Friday?

Thanks in advance!

Editor said...

everybody that I am linked to is my blog buddy. (hint, hint)
I will have to find some good recipes for toast before you come.