Monday, May 07, 2007

The Bestest Weekend I

Marian Arrives
Blog City, MS> Wow, What a weekend, I am completely worn out. I need another weekend to recuperate from this weekend. Denise, Spencer, Erin, Camo and I arrived Friday night about 11. I could see that the rain had made the grass grow about two feet in the last week, so at 7AM, we were up cutting it. We finished and met our new blogger friends Marian and Bob at Eden, and hurried in to camp.

Quick hellos and introductions and we all headed for the lake for the launch of the Othmar. Paul Jones took his little Suzuki Samurai and put that potoon boat in the water with absolutely no problems. We all jumped on board and made a quick tour around the lake to show Marian and Bob. The only thing missing was for my friend Othmar Vohringer to christen the ship with one of his many $10,000
bottles of champagne. We used Bud Light.
I needed to show Marian and Bob around while we were out, so Denise and Marian got in a Gator and Bob and I got in the other and we headed for Squirrel Road. Luckily we had no strange crazy events happen like last time. We went down and looked at the Indian Mounds and managed a couple of good pictures. Here is Marian and Bob, her site is Marians Hunting Stories.
We headed back to camp to get a cold drink and relax for awhile before I showed them some more of the property. This is a long post. Part Two will be coming up in a little while.

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