Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Package Arrives

We are sitting around the office doing nothing of course, when the UPS guy comes in with a package. What in the world is it?
New golf clubs?
Dad tore into the package like it was Christmas!

He opened it up and pulled out the coolest walking stick you will ever see.
It was beautifully polished and just the right height.
Tight leather grip in the perfect spot and a very nice engraving of an eagle cut into the top.
What a gift!

Now who would have sent such an elaborate gift?
Not any of the cheap members of our camp.
Not any of his cheap lawyer sons either.
Who would?

Why our good friends Bob and Marian Phillips
Dad said to tell you, Thank You for the wonderful gift. He will use it and treasure it. He also said to hurry back and visit us again!


Marian said...

You are so welcome and enjoy your hickory stick..your friends, Marian and Bob

Anonymous said...

Cool stick for a cool guy... that's the way that goes. I'm think'n Charlton Heston and the parting of the Mississippi River. Take pics Rex!

Kristine Shreve said...

Hand carved walking sticks are so cool. My Dad lives down the road from a guy who carves all sorts of things including walking sticks. They are beautiful works of art. I admire people who have the ability to make things like that.