Thursday, May 03, 2007

Speaking of Misses- A Meme

Nitwit, MS> I seemed to hit a reaction in a lot of hunters with my recent post on The Worst Mistake. All hunters remember the big one that got away.
This seems like the perfect Meme for a hunting site. I've always wanted to start one and this seems perfect. Write a short post on The Big One That Got Away and any lessons you learned from it. Put in on your site and I will link to it or if you don't have a site, email it to me and I will post it. I am going to start by linking to Jon Bryan at Outdoor Odyssey. He has his done and it is a very interesting story.


Matt said...

Good idea.

Doug said...

The one that got away. Hmm..I might have to post something up. Yesterday I decided that the best way to begin a Thursday is with a nice plate of steak and eggs. After frying up a 14oz hamburger steak, I didnt even make eggs, away. Lucky chicken.