Friday, May 25, 2007

The Light In The Lake

The lake at the famous Christmas place covers about 40 acres. A good fisherman down there knows all the holes in the bottom and where to find fish most of the time. I learned that a really good fisherman never goes out on this lake fishing at night.
Three summers ago, Mark Stewart and I had the chance to spend a wonderful summer weekend alone at the camp. Cold beer, exploring, looking for deer sign, and we both thought it would be fun to try a little night fishing on the huge lake.
The temperature that night was around 90 degrees, a typical hot and still summer night as we took our cooler, rods and trolling motor up to the lake. We had eaten dinner in Yazoo City and it was close to 10:00 PM by the time we got loaded and drove to the dock.
We loaded everything in the little boat, I hooked up the little trolling motor and up the lake we zipped till we felt we were in a good spot. We stopped and started casting.
The water was dead calm and seemed inky black as we took our bright colored spinners and started casting. It wasn’t long till Mark had caught a couple of nice bass and I had a large crappie.
We lit a couple of his short cigars, opened a beer and started working our way down the edge about 50 yards from shore. The mosquitoes were not too bad, the stars were out and it was relaxing and fun after a hard week of work for both of us. The beer went down but the fish totals kept rising.
Mark noticed it first and showed me. A glow was coming from underneath the water a couple of hundred yards away. We reeled up as we watched and could tell that it was moving slowly across the lake. It looked fairly large and we fell into a whisper as we watched and discussed what it could possibly be. The object got about 80 yards straight out from us and then started getting larger as we realized that it was coming to the surface. The water swirled and bright points of light moved in the frothing water.

We could not tell what it was, just the large glow. After about five minutes, it seemed to sink deep into the black water and sit still. A few minutes later, it started to move rapidly straight at us. I tried to gun the little motor but it was on us before we moved 10 feet. I shut the motor down as it passed under us. “Hold On!” I yelled. The rush from the water lifted and spun the boat quickly around as we held on.
We both watched in amazement as it went underneath the little boat and we compared notes later. The object was slightly larger than the boat. I would say 15-18 feet long, and about 6 feet across. Wide at the end and tapering slightly as it passed under us. We could not make out any details except that it had a very bright green phospherent glow. It passed under us and kept heading straight for the bank.
The steep bluff drops off directly into the water at this point and the glowing object headed straight toward this rocky spot . The light disappeared as it reached the edge. Whatever it was, it must have gone into a cave underneath the edge of the cliff. We were through night fishing on that lake forever and headed to the dock as quickly as we could.
You can fish there at night, but I would not advise it.


Ralphd00d said...

Good campfire story! I could almost imagine I was there in hte boat...

Old Scratch said...

Get Rex to tell you about going deer hunting before daylight after watching "The Boggy Creek Monster".
Needless to say He didn't make it into the woods that morning

Hammer said...

True story?

I experienced something similar but I was on the bank of a lake in the middle of nowhere when it happened.

Jon said...

Good story!

Wow! I would check those "cigars" before I smoked another one.

I don't know if I can top that one or not!

blogagog said...

Now I really want to go fishing. Not on your lake, of course.

KeesKennis said...

Good story, was that beer the first one?

Michele said...

A school of radioactive fish... sweet.
I mean really, what the heck were you guys really smoking? Heh... great story! Loved it.

Fishing Fiesta

Editor said...

There has been some question as to whether I was drunk, high or if this is a flat lie about this story.
All I can say is that if it not true, may lightning strike Othmar!

Phillip said...

Hmmm... what kind of cigars do you folks smoke down yonder? Reminds me of some fishing tales from back home...

Fun reading, Rex...keep it up!