Thursday, May 17, 2007

Indian Plums

Scouting is more than walking through the woods looking for deer sign. You move through the woods looking for that of course, but you also look for things that stand out, are different, or unusual. You have to be aware. Spring is the perfect time for scouting because the deer sign is still fresh, the woods have that first growth of green foilage but are very open, and you can see a long way through the woods. I learned a long time ago that during this time of year to always look for flowering trees. These are usually fruit trees of some kind. Mark them and check them later to be sure once the fruit is big enough. I have found wild apple trees, pear trees and plum trees. Going through the woods at the famous Christmas Place one year I discovered a flowering tree that Dad said was an Indian Plum.
Every animal in the woods loves plums, especially deer!

He took several of the plums and planted them in a plastic bucket. It took two years before they sprouted. He planted them in his backyard. They are beautiful and have a small plum that is a little sour to me. There are a lot of things to see in the woods, pay attention you might find that secret fruit tree for your next stand.


Dazd said...

Here in Indiana it's the persimmon tree that deer will flock too. Is that the same as an Indian Plum?

Editor said...

No, deer love persimmons and we look for those too. This is a native wild plum.

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