Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Plans for The Othmar

Riverboat, MS> Now that we have The Othmar in the water, the first thing I need to do is paint the name on it. Second is to take a boat paddle and beat everybody that suddenly has wonderful plans for the pontoon boat. Oh, now that it is floating everybody has grand ideas, but where were they when we were trying to get the damn thing in the water (said the little red hen)?
Paul "Six Shooter" Howell wants to mount a machine gun nest on it and float back and forth blasting deer all winter. I don't think so.

I would like to buy a camoflague cover and use it for duck hunting in the winter. Now at the famous Christmas Place we have two kinds of ducks and they are both sneaky. There are flying ducks like mallards that zip in and land on the water and swim (without permission) and there are swimming ducks.

These are very strange ducks that I have never seen before. They can't fly, are really big, swim great, nest on the bank and hide in the woods. They also taste great if you blast one. Truthfully, I have no idea what the limit is on these things but they are all over the place. Swimming and honking and making all kinds of damn noise when you are trying to deer hunt. I will have the pontoon ready for a surprise attack on these varmints in the fall!


Dazd said...

A machine gun nest for duck hunting would make for some great stories!

Editor said...

if we could get some dynamite, we could fish at the same time!

Dazd said...

If you could find a PBR then the machine gun nest would be simple to add. Plus maybe the seller would throw in some dynamite as a bonus.