Thursday, May 10, 2007

Golf Camp This Weekend

Divot, MS> Tomorrow starts the Golf Wars. Trents' annual Golf Camp is starting and all the usual duffers will be heading into the Nineteenth hole at the famous Christmas Place for the weekend. Friday afternoon we will stop on the way down and play Sandstone Gold Club at Lexington. Head into camp, and that night we are having ribs. We will play golf at Silver City (Bolivar country Club) and at the Benton Country Club. It should get real interesting.
The teams are Joe "Big Slice" Black, Barry "Sod Chopper" Weeks and Bebo "Worm Killer" Howell. They will be playing the team of...
Greg "Sandy Shoes" Jones, Rex "Lost Ball" Howell and Trent " Shank Wedge" Howell.
Be sure to avoid driving in that county this weekend, you could lose a windshield. Looks like a great Golf Camp shaping up. I'm sure that I will be able to retire with all the money I win.

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