Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Bestest Weekend IV

Wrapping Up the Weekend
Blog City, MS> We got up fairly early Sunday morning, Dazed and Confused, and had coffee. Dad and Rena had left at daylight to go fishing and it took us awhile to come alive. Bob pulled something out of the refrigerator called Mississippi Mud. A combination of chocolate milk and Rum! After two glasses of that I gained some Drunken Wisdom and was ready. Mark and Bob got on a 4wheeler and Marian and I took the other and off we went. We headed to the lake.

Pulling up we could see Rena and Dad both catching fish as they trolled the lake in The Othmar. Thunderhoof and Dads' stupid dog Trigger swam out there, but I couldn't get Thunderhoof in the picture. Rena was tearing up the fish!

We decided to make a loop up around the Crossover area and back to the cornfields before Marian and Bob left.
But first we headed for the Mysterious and Haunted Graveyard. No one got killed, so we headed up to the big Indian Mound on top of the bluff. Checked that out and then headed to Crossover and went through the woods there and showed them some more of our stands. We did find some fresh Hog Sign if anyone is interested.
Before we knew it, it was time for them to go.
I hope they enjoyed the weekend as much as I did, and I sure hope they come back soon. They are from Vicksburg and I want to go down and visit that area this summer.
Bob was great with a wonderful knowledge of hunting and could take or give a joke easily. Marian just seemed excitedly overwhelmed. I feel like I gained family in the visit and hope they come shoot a big fat deer this fall.


Jon said...

Man, with the grass that high, I bet you're covered up with redbugs!

Editor said...

we are right now, hard to believe we cut this, disc it and replant it every year.

t1g said...

Mississippi Mud... mmmmmmmmmm.